Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Blackberry Pink Polo | Val de Vie | 2013

12pm came and I walked through the doors of Val de Vie Polo venue. I was amazed by the decor and small eats and treats on tables as I walked by. I was modeling for Kobus Dippenaar on the day so had to be there early for hair and makeup.

2pm came and we were downstairs hidden away from the crowed as we were given dresses from Elbeth Gilles and Kobus Dippenaar for the show that would start at 3pm.

I modeled 3 different outfits for the show and was a mad rush to get changed in between but like most fashion shows, there was help backstage. The wind was blowing, the ramp was long and slippery but at the end of the day we did it.
Kobus Dippenaar is one amazing South African designer and was such an honor to model for him.

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